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The Matriarch's Repentence

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Book Of Ventura

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“Perhaps I was too harsh on them.”

It was not often that any of those lifted from the bindings of mortality would repent. They viewed their own actions as final, absolute, and just in all aspects. That sort of power, the knowledge earned through the decades, and the position of reverence were enough to give anyone, no matter who they were, or where they came from, an ego of some sort.
The Mother sat calmly in her trees, verdant floral landscapes shifting lightly in Theras’ gentle zephyr. Fareea sat nearby, the secret grove beneath the surface of the earth having a rare visitor.

You may have. They grow happier by the day with what you’ve done, but they become restless. Soon they may change. They’ll find new ways to revolt and tear each other down, each more catastrophic than the last.”

Senhora sighed. This was never her intention, to create a spirit so fond of war, so fond of the blood of their kin. It was the fault of her sister, but she could not be blamed. It was simply who they were. She knew she must swallow her pride, take back what she’s said. The things to come would tear them apart, if they didn’t have each other to learn from.

“I… I’ll lift it, then. But you have to make a promise to me.”

She shifts a wary glance to her sister, knowing their tenuous relationship could put many innocent souls in jeopardy. Fareea stared back, ghoulish appearance forgone for a pale, yet gorgeous visage with accents of grey and white.

“Name it. For their sake.”

“Bring them back to me, if it is before their time. I want them to live well.”

Fareea nods, and vanishes, trace amounts of grey dust, like on the wings of moths, scattered through the air. A single tear falls from the Matriarch’s emerald eyes, before lifting what she had placed, a phrase burned into the mind of every mortal.

“Strike each other down, and I will weep, but I cannot impede your nature any longer. Love each other as I love you.”

The Matriarch’s Last Word has been abolished from the Isle of Lunaris. Be wary. Be loving.
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