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The Matriarch’s Last Word. . .

Book Of Ventura

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The Matriarch’s Last Word
The birds are silent. Life has become still and unnerved, with each flower rejecting the forces of wind. In the skies above the Crows have been seen fleeing the island, moving in murders across the days. Even the hens seem ill-afflicted, laying smaller and less eggs as they have grown restless.

On the third day of Thursvett a Mortal contacted the already angered deity of Life and birth, The Matriarch and once a Deity to have never done any wrong. Perfect and yet impure, Senhora would reveal her limited self to the Mortals in the voice of a single phrase : “Succumbed to Chaos: You have failed.” This would boom and echo throughout Lunaris and within the minds of each individual residing upon it. Despite this voice being new and unfamiliar, a place in their hearts would twinge with a knowing silence. Both the Mother and Lady of Finality have all but left Lunaris - the isle abandoned the Natural Order.

The Matriarch’s Intervention has been applied.
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