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The Collective Story (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)

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Book Of Ventura

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Prologue: A Realm Rises
The ships of the realm, with their many elegant sails, proud captains, and gleaming figureheads, arrive at Lunaris. On their decks, men and women, and those indistinguishable crowded the railings as Turas go on, landing on the Island of Lunaris, their new home for a time longer than any had expected -- if one could call it a home. The simplest struggles, lost to many in a world of wealth, rose, striking fear and worry into the hearts of all. Food, water, shelter, and safety from the bump in the dark were all uncertain, and the Lunarians banded together as well as they could to stave off the sharp pains in their guts, and the horrors they believed they saw in the corners of their eyes.

A rudimentary government was established, a council of those in charge of basic necessities, and housing was quickly erected all over the island. Infrastructure boomed, and life started to return to a form of normal. The tavern was warm, the drinks were cold, and the nightly breezes brought the fresh scents of the sea and palm trees wafting over the elegant homes. There was a time of civil unrest, where like-minded cruel individuals found the opportunity to abuse the lack of official military power.

Unknown to all, beyond the veil of this new paradise, the world was in distress, on the verge of collapse, and it would soon tip into the dark descent into anarchy. Magic had been a gift to several powerful souls in Ventura, and it had no limits. Mana ran rampant through the fibers of all reality, and in times of war, those who could channel it committed the most atrocious of crimes against sentient beings, civilian or not. Unceremoniously, in but a quiet instant, all collapsed. An unknown, unexplained spell was cast, releasing a tide of Mana that washed over the realm, wiping civilizations, buildings, and entire cultures from the face of memory. Great libraries of the world were transformed into funeral pyres for the knowledge they once held, grand keeps reduced to the mountains their stone had once made up, and life on Ventura, as it had been known, ceased.

On Lunaris, the Nine Deities joined hands to protect what little of the world remained. The island paradise and its inhabitants were spared, woefully unaware of the tragedy that had befallen all they had loved and left behind. Life went on, for them, peaceful for the most part. The arachnids and greater beasts that had owned the island in its old days posed no challenge for those who had braved the primal fears of hunger and thirst, and before long, the island was safe. Life was calm for a time, and the population grew restless.
The Nine saw this. Fear grew in their heart, and they convened, conducting Anamnesis. They came to the wary agreement that, in order for life to thrive once more, the people must be allowed to return to the deeply-scared continents of Ventura. A ship was sent, a divine gift with the intention to purify and reclaim the world that was lost to greed. Now, brave souls explore the lands, starting to unearth the roots of the tragedy that befell the world.
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