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The Book Of Ventura - Wardrobe Information


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The Book Of Ventura
Wardrobe Information Thread!
Wardrobe is a new exclusive feature to Book Of Ventura where it allows you the players to change your skins whenever you please, without re-logging
uploading to Minecraft or restarting your game!

Read the information below to get all the information you need on how to begin using BOV Wardrobe!

Wardrobe Commands:
/wardrobe open - Opens your wardrobe.
/wardrobe download <mineskin link> - Downloads your specified skin.
/wardrobe reset - Resets your skin back to its default.

How do I begin using Wardrobe?
1. First of all, you need to upload your skin to - NOTE YOU CAN MAKE YOUR SKIN PRIVATE IF YOU WISH


What's the point of using this?
Well, it allows you to change clothes of your character on the fly and it works with MPM.
You can also use it to change into armour on the fly as well as switching characters without needing to change accounts or relog!

2. After you have uploaded your skin simply copy the URL of the page.

3. After you have copied the URL simply do this command in-game!
/wardrobe download <mcskin link>

Now you just simply do /wardrobe open and your skin is available for use!

Plugin Information:

This incredible plugin is brought to you by DEX. Thank you for your contribution !

Images Previews:


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