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The Book Of Ventura - Modpack

Book Of Ventura

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The Book Of Ventura - Modpack
Fail to keep up to date with the server? Struggle to install mods?
Sick of updating mods yourself and reconfiguring your settings every time Ventura updates?

Well, we have a solution for you! THE BOOK OF VENTURA MODPACK

What does The Book Of Ventura Modpack do?

Well, the modpack is hosted by us on the platform technic.
and auto-updates with the server every time the server updates.

Installing all the recommended mods that the server allows!

How do I install the Modpack?
Simply download the "TECHNIC LAUNCHER" Here:

Then search for "Book Of Ventura" in the search bar of the launcher and click download on "The Book Of Ventura - Modpack" and you have completely done the modpack in two simple steps!


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make vr version plox, epic gamers respond to unlocked official threads :stronk: