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Special Character Policy

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Special Character Policy

A new policy that we are implementing on Book of Ventura now requires that each player only have two active special characters at any given time. This policy is being put into place to prevent the constant creation of “throwaway” characters as well as to encourage more focused character progression.

After much discussion with the Team Leaders, we have come to this decision because we believe that not only will this help personal character progression, but also assist others in the same feat. As an example, consider that a character is in charge of assigning homes and another character is waiting for that character to be around so that they may purchase a home. However, the person that plays that character is focused on playing many other characters and no longer finds time to play that one character that the other player is waiting on.

It is our hope that this system will promote character activity and playtime within the community.

Character Slots
As mentioned before, each player is allowed two special character slots. If all three slots are filled, then a character must be shelved or otherwise removed in order to free up a slot before creating a new one.

This limit of three special characters also has two sub-limits. The first sub-limit requires that out of these three characters, only two may be special application characters. A special application character may be any, or more, of the following: Mirror Pool characters, characters with blessings, and characters that are of an application-only race. The second sub-limit requires that only one of a player’s three characters may possess magic. If a character possesses magic, it still counts as a special application character, but there may not be more than one per player.

The process for filling the two-character slots is the same for when the two special character slots are filled or when the one magic character slot is filled. If a player already has two special characters and attempts to acquire another, one of the previously existing special characters must be shelved or otherwise removed to make room for the new one. As previously stated, this policy also applies to magic-wielding characters. No player may have more than one magic-wielding character at any given time.

Character Interaction

While it may not be a common occurrence, it is possible for a player to have two characters in the same place at the same time and be forced to interact with each other. Of course, for the sake of roleplay, a player should not make a point of ignoring his or her other character to avoid role-playing with oneself. It is because of immersion that we allow players to have social interaction between personal characters on a small scale. For example, two characters of the same player may order drinks from one another or perform general greetings. However, characters of the same player may not be used for character progression. As a clarification, two personal characters may not teach skills to one another nor may they perform romance or combat roleplay together. This is to prevent instances of power gaming.

As another note on character progression, we are implementing a policy regarding roleplay involving out-of-character friendships. Obviously, we at Book of Ventura enjoy when players invite friends to join them on the server. While this is true, we are shying away from the meta-gaming and power gaming aspects of using out-of-character relations to influence in-character relations. For example, two characters of out-of-character friends have just met each other, but they are already aware of each other’s names, traits, and backstories and also wish to form an alliance to take down an opposing populace. This sort of bond is able to be formed more immediately if the characters are back storied to know each other or they are siblings. The reason we are not condoning this behaviour is because of immersion-breaking and the ability for a player to use out-of-character friendships in order to gain in-character power.
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