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Ship Ahoy!


A boat had appeared in the distance of the Crescent Moon isles, sailors and fishermen knew the flags all too well . . Pirates. Although scary looking, the sailors knew that these pirates were not unreasonable, more feared due to their claim on the waters. When they sail somewhere, they have sailed there for a reason. What could their reason be for coming to Crescent Moon Isles?

The people of Crescent Moon are always welcoming to newcomers, but after the sailors have told stories of their triumphs and raids the townsfolk have started to worry that the pirates are here to cause trouble. As of yet, the pirates are waiting in the deep waters before deploying a rowboat to come to shore, I wonder what they are planning and when they will turn up?

Fishing and imports from other islands have been cancelled whilst these pirates sit in our waters, making the island feel a little less lively. With all of the tales floating about town it's no wonder everyone is too scared to leave their homes. Do you think you will be able to put the townsfolk's minds at ease by talking to the pirates when they come upon the shore? Or do you think they are going to attack and raid our homes? Find out more at the event on Thursday and prepare yourself!

OOC Information:
The event is going to be held at 9 pm GMT on Thursday, please do not enter the pirate boat beforehand because it may ruin some of the events for you. If you're wanting to take part in this event I would be ready to meet the pirates at the main dock.