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Players Rules & Policies

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Book Of Ventura

Team Leader
Team Leader
Player’s Contract
As a player, you agree to follow the rules below. These rules are subject to change as and when the time needs and punishment will be delivered case-to-case as other factors can change the outcome.

1. No Advertising
➣ Advertising your own, or another server through the server’s platform ( Official Discord, forums, etc. ) is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate warning. Further offences will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
➣ Advertising your own creations, such as artwork, is permitted.

➣ We are aware there are other servers within the community, to which we allow other players to freely pass between them. But please keep all talks off the server and in private. We won’t stop you from going to other servers.
➣ You may talk about different servers in voice chats in the Discord although we will not allow servers to be posted in text chats.
Note: This means you may discuss different servers in voice chats, so long as it's a general conversation. You will be warned and punished should you be advertising a server, taking away from the Book of Ventura community.

2. No Loopholing
➣ Using and finding loopholes within the rules to work around them is prohibited and will result in an immediate warning or ban, depending on the severity.

3. No Metagaming
➣ Using OOC (Out of Character) information to affect In Character decisions or claiming your character knows something they would feasibly not, is a warnable offence, all knowledge a character knows should be obtained through Roleplay.

4. No Taking IC actions OOC
➣ Conflicts between characters happens, however remember that you are roleplaying, and more often or not, the player behind the character does not have a personal issue with you. Taking In Character actions negatively OOCly will result in a warning depending on the severity.

5. No Plagiarism
➣ Plagiarism of skins, art, writing or character ideas will not be tolerated in any form. Using a character or skin from a TV show, movie, literature or any form of media will be immediately voided and you will be asked to change skins and character.

6. No abuse of Store-bought privileges
➣ Using /fly in roleplay zones and areas, unless you are building in those areas, is a warnable offence and may result with the luxury being taken away from you without a refund.

7. Treat Staff with Respect
➣ A Staff member’s decision is final.
➣ Do not ‘mod-shop.’ When a Staff member has given you a decision that you don’t like, don’t go to someone else trying to .

8. Use Common Sense
➣ There are people behind each screen, be kind to one another. Some humours are different to others, which means if you are making someone uncomfortable in a public BoV space, then you must stop if asked to.
➣ Harassment of staff and players is something which we don't not condone. This includes things such as targeted toxicity.
➣ No bullying of any kind, we do not tolerate childish behaviour.
➣ Respect that some players are newer to roleplay than others, we will not stand for any more experienced roleplayers disincluding people because of their roleplaying skill level.

9. No ERP or Inappropriate Actions
➣ This server is PG-13, meaning that no innapropriate or sexual acts should be committed on the server, doing so will result in a discrete warning on first offence.
➣ This also applies OOCly and on BoV platforms, please keep all inappropriate activities off our services.

10. No Hate Speech
➣ This includes homophobic, racist, sexist or anti-religious statements of any kind.

11. No Powergaming
➣ Forcing an action - *Strikes you in the chest, you die* - or roleplay onto another player is considered powergaming, everyone has a reaction speed and a chance to fight back. You cannot force what another character can do.
➣ Powergaming can be as subtle as character creation: Gods, magic, and high levels of skill should not be there on character creation unless applied for.

12. Be Responsible for your Own Actions.
➣ You are responsible for your account, meaning if someone - a brother, for example - logs into your account whilst you are away and breaks a rule, it is your responsibility.
➣ Being hacked does not apply to this rule.
➣ Should your character get into a combative situation, CRP, you cannot log out during it. It's your responsibility to stay throughout and accept consequences for your action. You will be given ten minutes to return, afterwards, the player has a choice of what to do to your character.

13. No X-Ray or Third-Party Hacking Clients
➣ The use of a flying client, X-Ray clients and resource packs will result in an immediate ban.
➣ Mods such as Tabby Chat and More Player Models are allowed, as they do not alter the game in a harmful way.

14. No Griefing or Stealing
➣ Destroying with the intent of maliciousness or without explicit permission will result in a warning or immediate ban depending on severity.
➣ OOCly stealing items from an unlocked chest in the Roleplay world will result in a ban and return of the items.

15. No Abusing Store Bought Perks
➣ Permissions gained from donation perks are usable, but must not be abused. The use of /fly outside of RP purposes (floating in water, climbing etc.) or building is strictly prohibited unless granted permission. Any immersion breaking or misuse of the permissions will result in a warn and possible removal of the perk.
➣ Donation perks can be bought but we do hold the right to remove without refund them should they be abused.


Any ranks paid for on the server are for ooc purposes only, they do not give you any IC power. Furthermore, if you want to earn ranks without paying for them you can do so by using tokens which you can earn in game. All proceeds go back into the server.

Any builds created or used on BOV by whitelisted members are rightfully ours.
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