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Important CIT Update #1

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There isn’t much that needs changing at the moment, but I have decided to implement a couple things that shouldn't have much affect on people, but upgrade quality of life for CIT members and thus the community.

Limit of 3 apps at a time

This means you can only have 3 apps up at a time. If it is found you are posting more than the set limit and timeframe, then one of those apps will automatically be declined.

I know we don’t have a problem of overflow at the moment, however this is to prevent such a time were to ever come. This is made as a precaution for having a tiny team of two at the moment. People do not seem to be doing too many apps right now anyways, so hopefully this shouldn't be a big problem.

Introduction of Warning/Ban list

How this works is you will always get a warning that will be documented by CIT, this can likely still have a few exceptions but it would have to be quite problematic behavior for that to happen. If you are found to have caused a second offence then you will be on a temporary ban from CIT applications with the time being a case by case basis. You will be notified of Warnings or Temp Bans (Including the length of the Ban) by a CIT Member.

It's simply another precaution being implemented. I will do my best to ensure this doesn’t become a “Mad with Power'' type of situation. If you have concerns about a CIT member you can speak with me, CIT Lead, or the Player Relations team. The whole point is to simply keep people from going too far in their treatment toward the team. Without such guards, the job can cause a large amount of burnout and put the team at a slow and painful pace.

CIT ROADMAP [Not in effect, YET!]

Simplifying CIT Guide - The guides seem a bit chunky and overwhelming. I will be attempting to create a more simplified and appealing format.

Quality of Roleplay - Will be defining what we mean by quality roleplay to clear up confusion a little bit of confusion around it.

Up coming Changes - Other Changes are still up in the air so I cannot exactly say what they will be. This is just a forewarning of stuff to come for certain, but suggestions posted in the server's discord are encouraged.

With that in mind...

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