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Character Death Policy


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Mar 24, 2020
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Character Death Policy

While the entirety of one’s time spent doing Minecraft roleplay is meant to be joyous and entertaining, there comes a time when even the strongest of hearts feels a pang of worry and uncertainty; character death. Character death is a highly controversial topic because on one hand, roleplay is meant to be somewhat realistic in terms of life and death and death happens quite frequently in the real world and oftentimes by accident, but on the other hand, we are meant to have fun and create a story as a community. Since everyone works incredibly hard on each and every aspect of all characters, we, as a moderation team, have decided to implement the following character death system.

The following bullets use a term named “consent to death”. In situations where you have OOCly consented to character death, the events that transpire directly after this consent may not be contested if your character dies.

Automatic Consent to Death

Automatic consent to death is exactly what it sounds like. If an event occurs as detailed below, you automatically consent to character death and may not rescind this consent until the event is concluded.

  • If you consent to fight, you consent to character death.
  • If you consent to join a PvE event, you consent to character death.
  • If you initiate a physical altercation, you consent to character death.

Consent to Death

As we hope to create a story-telling environment for Book of Ventura, we request that no character deaths happen within the first interaction between two characters. However, this request may be dismissed if both players give notice of consent within the chat before the altercation begins. If both players give consent, the consent to character death for the altercation in question may not be rescinded.

  • Let it be known that this request may be ignored. If a character death happens on the first interaction between two characters, the victim is within their rights to claim wrongful death and request moderation review in the event that they did not consent to death.

Character Death & Revivals

Usually, the person that kills another’s character has no involvement in the revival or otherwise. For our new system, we would like to change this. If your character is killed by another character, the OOC killer must reply to the revival application giving the reasoning behind the kill.

  • This reasoning must be given before the revival process can continue.
  • If the killer does not give reasoning within 24 hours after the application is posted, the death will be determined wrongful and processed as such.
  • If the killer is unable to provide a decent reason for killing a character, the character death will be determined wrongful and processed as such.
  • Remember: Your character has every possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Accidental character death is NOT wrongful character death.
  • Wrongful deaths will only be handled if the OOC victim feels they have been wrongfully killed and request moderation review.
  • Upon moderation review, if the death is determined wrongful, there will be no soul damage to the victim, but there will be no retroactive voiding of roleplay. This means that the character may be revived without the usual 30-day thin ice of permanent character death and may safely die again within this time, but they have still died. However, if this decision is come to, the character will lose all memory of this death in order to prevent an endless cycle of retaliation.
  • In order to claim wrongful death, the victim must NOT have OOCly consented to character death.
  • Any wrongful death claim must be made within 48 hours of the revival application’s posting.
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