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Beginners Guide To Ventura

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Book Of Ventura

Team Leader
Team Leader
Book of Ventura Newcomer’s Guide

Welcome or Welcome back to The Book of Ventura!
The Team Leaders have compiled this guide to ensure players are able to access the server’s fundamental mechanics and lore pages far easier than before.

The Whitelist System
To keep the server orderly and safe, BOV has implemented a whitelist system. All you need to do is make an application! There are three stages your application can go into once submitted. These are Accepted, Pending, or Declined. It is very uncommon that an application is declined and this usually only happens due to inactivity. If you get put on Pending the reason, as well as, what you need to do to correct any issues will always be clearly stated in the reply, so read it carefully.
If you asked for a mentor you’ll be assigned one when you get accepted. It will normally be the same person who handled your application, but this can change at times.
Character Creation
BOV has a great amount of lore that is regularly updated to accommodate a steadily growing playerbase. There exist many pages that are important to read, some which have varying levels of importance.
BOV has a myriad of races ranging from elves to aliens! There should be something for everyone. And if you're more inclined for the soft and fuzzy races, well that is what we’ve made lycanthropy for! We also have edgy vampires for those who like being mysterious. You’ll notice a few of our races have a red line of text that says they require a special application. No need to fear! Special applications are easy to make and most likely will get approved.
We, here at BOV, have invented a new way of magic! Instead of mana we use essentia, which technically speaking is the same as mana. However! Once your character is experienced enough you may make custom spells that our dev team will actually implement and give to you!
Speaking of getting experience for your character, how do you do it? Simple, join a class, which is just as easy as I am making it out to be. Simply log what class your character is on your character’s profile. You may change your class just as easily as well. Or maybe you don’t want a class, that’s fine too! We have made a Tier system for each class, which is mostly mean to reward you for staying and training in one class.
You may notice from either our advertising of it, or from our official art, but we are a steampunk server! Well, to our own degree. We do use steampunk, however, we also use magitech, which is like a cross of magic and steampunk. You may use it too! To an extent, however, we have tried not to make it too restrictive.
Once you have decided who your character is, you will need to decide a backstory for them. We currently have many places available to read about! So just head on over to the geography lore page on the forums and pick whatever suits your fancy. Your character may be from wherever, however if they are from a city that they’re race is not native to make sure you give a fun reason why!
After that, you will need to give them stats! These are mostly used for events, but there is a high chance of them coming up in regular roleplay. Most stats are based on the race you picked, so heaad on over to the Character Stats page on the forum and find your stats! Easy

I’ve made a new character, where do I begin?
Your character will find themselves on the Crescent Moon Isles to start, in a town called Amaris, this is where you will be Roleplaying for now and where the vast majority of roleplay stems from.

I’m a returning player to BOV and using a character I played before, where do I begin?
Returning characters work slightly differently on BOV as, in recent events, we have been thrown back in time to before the Post Apocalyptic setting you were familiar with when playing before. In this situation, you may either decide to play your character as they would have been before the Cataclysm, and have them mysteriously appear on the island before or you may have them be shunted back to the past by Sadys, in which case the following would have occurred:
  • Your character would have been raised up one day to space with a view of Ventura slowly being consumed by an entity recognisable as the Mirror Pool. Sadys would have explained that he lost control of the mirrorpool and that you’re being sent back in time to try and maybe prevent this from happening, of course you’re not forced to if you don't want to. The last thing your character would’ve seen is Sadys smiling sorrowfully before seemingly being consumed by the mirrorpool, at which point they would’ve lost consciousness.
  • Following this, your character would wake up on the shores of Amaris, mildly disoriented but fully aware of what happened. How they choose to go about it may vary from character to character. They will retain all memories of post-cataclysmic ventura and all events that occurred within.

Fun Lore Extras!
Below, we have listed Miscellaneous links to pages of varying importance. High importance is outlined as pages that are almost mandatory reads due to their importance within the server. Anything categorized as low can be read optionally and at your leisure:
  • The Combat System (Stats and how we go about combat interactions on BOV.)
  • Death and Revival Rules
  • Libraries of Ventura (What can be found in most libraries that is common knowledge)
  • The Deities & their Mythos
  • Factions
  • Star Signs. Fun Flavor astrology
  • The Calendar
  • Religions, holidays etc.

Commands for Roleplay
Most commands can be accessed through /help, but below is a list of commands that are important to be familiar with so you can roleplay effectively.
/rp - Will put you in the standard roleplay channel. When using /rp, your character will be speaking in common, or in our case Venturan.
/indoors follows the same rules as /rp, but has less of a range. As the name suggests, it's typically used when your character is speaking indoors.
/whisper is used for when your character is trying to speak to someone without being heard. The range for /whisper is around two or three blocks.
/shout has a larger range than /rp and is used for when your character is shouting or yelling.
/combat is used for when your character is in combat during an event. It has a long range and allows the ET to easily see emotes.

Language channels:
These all follow the same standard rules (or range) of /rp and are used to showcase your character is speaking in a language aside from common.
/rp5 or /elven is used for the elven language.
/rp6 or /dwarven is used for the dwarven dialect.
/rp7 or /orcish is used for the orcish dialect.
/rp8 or /sylvan is used for the Gahira’i and Aealim language of sylvan.
/rp9 or /necrul is the language of the dead, mainly used by vampires and priests of fareea.
/rp10 or /giguba is the language of the pisces.
/rp13 or Eathrall is the language of the mistborne.
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