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A Foreign Visit ?

Book Of Ventura

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A Foreign Visit
Locked away, a group of mortals and semi-immortals were taken from their home realms in the blink of an eye. In a vast scape of unknown void, they were approached by a voice or physical embodiment of the God of Chaos, Sadys. Each had to go through a physical and often psychologically painful trial, to which they received a boon should they have passed. There was only one reported failure.

Meanwhile, sailors from across the continents sailed to Lunaris as they wished to settle there, temporarily aiding those who had fled once the Impassable Sea began to rise. It was a miracle they had made the perilous journey without any major injuries or fatalities, the boat being bizarrely guided through the kelp and towards the beauteous isle.

They arrived during the night, to which rain and storms battered the boat and dock relentlessly. As they travelled, signs of the strange and paranormal began to bleed through with near-lethal strikes of lightning splintering the nearby trees. It was shortly after that a large black hand began to rise from the fabled Mirror Pool, releasing strange foreign inhabitants with it.

Sadys, after a bit of taunting, left the Mortals to their Civil Strife.